Refresher course for junior doctors held at KTH

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A refresher course was arranged by the Chief Executive of Khyber Teaching Hospital Dr. Umar Ayub Khan in order to upgrade and improve the knowledge and skills of the junior doctors, nursing staff and other medical staff of the hospital on Tuesday.

Dr. Nadia course coordinator delivered the lecture on Ischemic Heart Disease, Alrial defibrillation and use of Defibrillator. A total of 30 doctors, nursing staff were participated in the course.

On the occasion Dr. Umar Ayub said that most of the patients died before reaching the hospital and the aim and objectives of this training was to reduce the death casualties and trained the individuals, adding that first aid to be given to the patient in emergency that his life would be survived.

He further added that the training series aims is to protect the life of people and the series of the training would be continuo in KTH hospitals to more people would benefited from it.