Reopening of all education centres in FATA demanded

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Fata Teachers Association (FTA) in a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday demanded reopen of all the educational institutions in tribal areas with assurance of full security to students and teachers.

Addressing the press conference president of FTA Shamshad Khan Afridi said that due to law and order situation, tribal had pushed 20 years back while the teachers of the areas were also facing with various difficulties.

He said that on last Tuesday FTA had arranged an emergency meeting chaired by Gulab Din Afridi in which large number of teachers of Fata and Frontier Regions (FRs) made their participation and discussed reorganization of the association including other different issues being faced by the teachers of the tribal areas.

He appealed all the teachers to make sure their participation in the meeting which was to be holding on January 30, at Bagh-e-Naran Peshawar, adding that new cabinet would be organized on selection bases in the session and be discussing other confronted problems of teachers.

He informed that in 1999 their association cabinet had been deactivated and since then due to worse situation of peace the Fata teachers’ community had deprived to hold election for the cabinet. Shamshad Khan Afridi continued that almost 15000 both male and female teachers were performing their duties in Fata and FRs.

He demanded Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti to immediately act upon over the up gradation policy in Fata and include S.E.T, Peesh Imam and laboratory assistants in it.