Reorganizing of NYA to be complete by April 20

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The reorganization of National Youth Assembly (NYA) FATA would be completed till 20th of the current month and talented young generation from the tribal areas would be inducted in the new body said Governor National Youth Assembly Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ahsan Hameed Dorani.

Talking to media men here on Tuesday, he termed the rumors regarding abolishing of NYA FATA are baseless and said that splendid youth of FATA would be inducted in new body to make it functional and fully galvanize.

He said that proper representation of FATA in the body is our priority to involve young people in law making process. He said that NYA FATA comprises 25 formal members and new office bearers would be selected very soon.

The youth leader asserted that no one would be allowed to misuse the platform of Youth Assembly for black mailing and personal interest.