RTS campaign held at UoP

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Following Awareness campaign to aware masses regarding Right to Public Service Act 2014 and establishment of a commission under this act, Right To Services Commission (RTS) in collaboration with Peshawar University organized a Seminar at Pashto Cultral Hall in Pashto Department . Mentioned in a press release issued from the office of Chief Commissioner RTS to the media Chief Guest of the occasion was Mr Khaleeq ur Rehman Parliamentary Secretary for P&D and an MP of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. Appreciating the effort of RTS to aware masses especially the Students of Peshawar University, Mr Khaleeq ur Rehman said Introducing law of Right To Public Service , The Provincial Government actually fulfilled its promise to let the citizen of this province get their access towards services. Mr Rehman claimed establishment of RTS Commission proves Provincial government’s commitment to address the difficulties, a Common man was facing while seeking services from the Government departments. The Chief Guest also said RTS Commission will ensure quick services deliveries to the people of this province, and if found guilty in using delaying tactics for providing services deliberately, he will have to face the Law.