Seminar on ‘Patriotism is our identity’ held at Brains Postgraduate College

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Speakers at a seminar titled ‘Patriotism is our identity’ said only the ambitious, committed and motivated youth of the country can save it from the current crisis. Only they can ignite the dormant spirit of patriotism among the masses, pointed out the participants.

The seminar was organised by the Motivated Youth Organisation (MYO) and was held on Wednesday at Brains Postgraduate College.

Humanity Development Organisation Director General Muhammad Usman said, “We have skilled and motivated youth in the country. If they think positively, they can steer the country from deteriorating conditions.”  He labelled youth an important “asset” for the nation. Countering negativity in the region will lead to success, said Usman.

MYO founder Abdul Aziz emphasized principles of faith, unity and discipline. “If the youth follow these principles, they will never be misled.”

Youth Tourism Development Programme consultant Zahoor Durrani was the chief guest.

Source: The Express Tribune.