Solar Energy Can Keep Homes Warm, Cool: UoP study

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Resident of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa can hope to have homes that will be heat and cold resistant without using the electricity or gas as scientist of University of Peshawar, Ph.D scholar Shahid Hussain presented his synopsis of his research study after which he would be able designing houses which reduce energy demand till seventy percent.

Talking to The Frontier Post Dr. Hafizullah said he had taken it all on himself to design houses that would reduce the energy demand of an individual house by at least 70%.

This he would achieve through the solar radiation management technique, which could be implied to new and old houses built southwards.

The scholar and his supervisor Prof. Dr. Hizbullah Khan while deliberating upon the details of the research at the meeting of, University of Peshawar Advance Studies and Research Board, Wednesday, said that most of the ground work has been completed on the project and special glass sheets would be installed on roof top and windows of houses at an angle which would not allow heat rays to penetrate when the weather gets waxing as the rays would be reflected back. This would maintain the temperature of homes at a manageable level and use of fan would be enough to provide the cooling normally given by a good air-conditioned.

Shahid Hussain went further to add that in winter the desired amount of solar radiations would be efficiently utilized to keep the rooms warm. He added with the accomplishment of the project the quality of lower and middle class people would improve through use of affordable energy conservation package. He opined that glassheet of the size up to 25% of the roof top and windows would be mandatory to get the desired result.

“For every unit of energy that is produced, environmental resources are consumed and degraded wastes are also produced as byproducts. So when the energy demand is less the pressure on environmental resources will be reduced and will be conserved, thereby less carbon dioxide will curtail problem of global warming” the scholar added.

He informed that several government and nongovernmental organizations have been approached for financing of the project, but to no avail.

The meeting of ASRB was chaired by senior Dean Prof. Dr. Qibla Ayaz and accorded approval of seventeen Ph. D and twenty three M. Phi research topics.