Students observe Earth Day

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The students of Peshawar observed World Earth Day in Mingolt Wildlife Park Nowshera where they participated in cleanliness of raw materials/waste, showing their firm resolves to support Govt. in its efforts for protection of environment, forest, biodiversity and wildlife from all threats.

The Khyber Pakthunkhwa Wildlife Department arranged study tour for the students of Peshawar in connection of marking the World Earth Day.

Despite hot and dry weather, about 60 students of Govt. High School Peshawar Cant visited Manglot Park Nizampur at Nowshera the other day to demonstrate their support to Govt efforts for environmental and wildlife protection on the occasion of World Earth Day.

The students spent a busy day in the park and participated in cleaning of plastic bags, garbage etc. They also enthusiastically took part in comic skit and tableaus on this occasion.

DFO Wildlife Extension, Niaz Muhammad briefed them about importance of wildlife, forestry and bio-diversity in our daily life.

He said the earth’s wild creatures from the tiger to the butterfly, bring wonder and beauty into lives of human beings, adding wildlife deserve our full attention and affection keeping in view its positive role in food chain.

Niaz said wildlife is a vital part of the forests, meadows, rivers and oceans on whose services our economy and society largely depend.

The DFO wildlife said role of students and academicians in protection of wildlife is of immense importance.

He said this tour was part of the Wildlife Department’s education program and urged students to inform their colleagues about importance of wildlife and ill effects of illegal hunting of wildlife on lives of human beigns.

The students took keen interest in Chinkara, Uryal and other wildlife species kept there on this occasion besides participating in drawing competition. A stall was also arranged. Members of the Nature Club KP, notables of the area and teachers also attended.

Source: The Frontier Post.