Students, parents suffer for cumbersome domicile certificate procedure

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A large number of the matriculate students are going through extreme difficulties in obtaining the domicile certificates, which are required for getting enrolled in the public and private sector colleges.

A number of parents of the students registered complaints with The News that the newly-introduced procedure to get the domicile certificates was highly cumbersome as it was telling on their time and money.

Explaining the ordeal they were going through in getting the credentials, the parents said previously a set of two forms of domicile could be had from any stationery shop for only Rs10 but now these forms were issued only from the Deputy Commissioner office at the Bacha Khan Chowk for Rs30.

It is not only the three-fold amount that is bothering us. There are only two employees who have been tasked with issuing and receiving the domicile forms at the DC Office. This is why a long queues of parents and their wards, including girls, are seen at the DC office to get these forms, which is highly irritating in this hot summer,” said Ali Saeed, who had been through the painful experience recently.

Another parent, Ahmad Gul, said, after filling out the forms, the students or their parents were required to get them attested by a gazetted government official. It was followed by an undertaking on Rs150 stamp paper, which was then attested by a notary public on the court premises.

The irate citizen said students and parents are forced to visit Patwaris and Gardawar (Revenue officers) and later the Tehsildar to have the domicile forms signed. He complained it was difficult to find Patwaris and Gardawars in the first place as they were already pre-occupied. “If the forms are signed by these officials, then the aspirants have to wait in a long line outside the Tehsildar Office to counter-sign the certificate,” he went on to say, adding after going through all this trouble the forms are then submitted to the DC office and the students or their parents are asked to collect the same the next day.

A social worker, Dr Salahuddin, said previously the procedure to obtain the domicile certificates was very simple. He wondered why such an easy and pro-people procedure has been changed and made complicated much to the dismay of the students and parents.

Seeing girls with mothers on the courts premises and other offices is a matter of concern for any caring citizen. But it seems as if our public representatives and ministers are unaware of all these problems. I think it is the change that Imran Khan and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders were promising to the people for seeking votes before the May 11 elections,” said sarcastically a citizen, Mahtab Ahmad, who also called for simplifying the procedure.

He said as a short-term relief at least the government should direct the college administrations to accept the admission forms and the students should be allowed to submit the domicile certificates later when the admission is confirmed. “This is the least the new rulers can do,” he suggested.