Swat Emerging Talent Awards

Swat Emerging Talent Awards
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“Swat Emerging Talent award show” is a platform which will identify, highlight, and promote the hidden talent of swat. It is a platform which will appreciate different people especially youth who works for the promotion of our society through different diverse fields. This Award show will target those hidden people with skills and talents, who are not appreciated or partially appreciated before on any local or national platforms by appreciating them through Award.

Swat Emerging Talent AwardsObjectives:
• To Identify, Highlight and promote the hidden talent of Swat.
• To appreciate people and youth who works for the promotion of Swati culture and tradition.
• To provide a platform to youth and people who want to show their skills and talent.

This year we have set our awards in Ten different categories, i.e.
1. Emerging Carpenter
2. Emerging Weaver
3. Emerging Stone Engraver
4. Innovative Student
5. Emerging Potter
6. Emerging Entrepreneur
7. Emerging Female Journalist
8. Emerging Social Entrepreneur
9. Emerging Photographer
10. Emerging Tech Savvy

Link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1f1wQNeYO0DtqcybmKqGhPdLpz4lkBHm2gm3ZljXo_E8/