TEDxPeshawar Dream me. Build me. Make me Real.

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TEDxPeshawar Dream me. Build me. Make me Real.

21st of September, 2013

This September, we bring the power of ideas to Peshawar with a TEDx City2.0 event. Our live speakers will present their ideas about collaborative action and sustainable solutions.

If you know someone with a killer idea, nominate them to speak at TEDxPeshawar. Speakers should focus on official City 2.0 themes, including Art, Education, Food, Health, Housing, Play, Public Space and Safety.

To nominate speakers, Visit TEDxPeshawar’s official website: TEDxPeshawar.com

If you want to volunteer, send an email to uzairktk@gmail.com with your speciality or fill in the ‘Apply to Attend’ form on the website to attend TEDxPeshawar.