Three govt schools accommodated in one building

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has an edge over the other provinces by becoming the first government to raise the budget for education sector and announcing 4 percent of the total budget for this important sector. However, it may also be the first one to run three schools in one building.

These three schools have separate heads, separate teaching and clerical staff, separate students but all of them are accommodated in one building at Wazir Bagh Raod.

The building was originally allocated to Government Primary School (GPS) Kakshal No 2 but later on GPS Wazir Bagh No 2 and GPS Shahjiabad were given a place in this building after shifting them from their parent building.

The building has nine classrooms where the students of all the three schools are completing their education but the teaching staff has no staffroom and even the headmasters of these schools are performing their duties by sitting in the veranda of the building. 

Talking to The Frontier Post the newly appointed headmaster of GPS Kakshal No 2 Shams-ur-Rehman, said that this building was built for his school but government shifted two more schools to this building and now there was no space for his office as he had shifted his office to veranda to make room for a class.

He further said that there are five rooms on ground floor. He also said that there are rooms where two classes were taught at a time and two blackboards were placed for this purpose. When GPS Shajjiabad headmaster was contacted he lamented that the strength of his school was getting less as it was very difficult for the students to come here from Shajjiabad to Wazir Bagh.

He also said GPS Shajjiabad was shifted thrice because it was no given a permanent building. He also mentioned that there is no staff room and no office for him.

Saeed ul Rehman, headmaster of GPS Wazir Bagh No 2 said that there were 290 students but there was no toilet and no staffroom.

In this era in which no one can deny the importance of education for the prosperity and safety of a nation, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had failed to provide separate buildings for schools.