University of Peshawar Students Display Artwork

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Catharsis was the word best fit for the creative artwork displayed by students of the Fine Arts and Design Department in the thesis exhibition held at the University of Peshawar campus on Wednesday. Through their projects, the students highlighted various social and cultural aspects of contemporary society by presenting them on canvas and using bright and dark colours.

They showed that growing militancy and unrest in the country have added to the miseries of people and led to serious mental and psychological disorders. The one-day thesis exhibition was inaugurated by former dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities Prof Dr Farooq Swati. The exhibition was open for all and paintings were also displayed for sale, while students especially females were taking interest in the stalls.

Ijaz Khan’s thesis topic was about the Buner wildlife. He said his artwork reveals birds and animals of Buner district in its natural environment. He shared that Buner area is popular for wildlife, adding that due to deforestation and hunting of birds in the area, the wildlife has been decreasing day by day. He said he has shown the importance of wildlife in his paintings.

Shehreyar Gul explained that the purpose of his project, regardless of any disgrace or challenges, is to undertake an informative campaign to learn himself and educate people about logos and their visual grammar.

My campaign aims to challenge the void legitimacy of drone attacks and highlight the role of Human Rights Directorate in Peshawar. I add my voice against the cruelty and spite in the name of peace,” stated Sara Iftikhar while explaining her topic. Another student Sana Habid said that through such kinds of programmes and exhibitions, they show their skills to other people.

Gul Mayeda Naz, Chairperson of the Department of Fine Art and Design, congratulated the students who have completed their courses successfully in the department in session 2012-13. “Our courses are designed with an aim to develop technical skills and research habits and creativity in the students,” she said.