Unjust action/role of Headmistress of Home Economics College Peshawar on BS 5 semester students

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From: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Unjust action/role of Headmistress of Home Economics College Peshawar on BS 5 semester students

Message Body:
From: Student of BS hons. 5th semester College of Home Economics University of Peshawar.


With due respect I, on the behalf of my class (BS hon.5th semester) , want bring an important matter in front of you as our future depends on it.


ON 2013 After graduating from High school, we applied for admission in many universities. College of Home Economics was number 1st priority because of Specialization Field Foods and Nutrition.

In college prospectus,that was given to us ,clearly states that ” From 5th semester, STUDENTS have the option of selecting from 5 fields.” ” STUDENTS can choose any one field from 5 areas..” (pg 19 & 20 Picture of this very statement in prospectus is attached).

After 4 semesters, Now is our time to chose the field for which we took admission in this college. However, the Headmistress Dr. Sayed Kaniz Fatima has all of a sudden changed rule that states:

  • There are limited seats in every field.
  • They will be selected in respective fields on bases of their average GPA.
  • Both points NOT mentioned in prospectus.


We were advised to write an application to Head, which we did and she REJECTED. what is worst is She started THREATENING us.

” utter one single word,i’ll freeze your semester”. ” If you didn’t attend the classes I picked up for you, you will be EXPELLED. what will we do about other empty fields?”

We waited for 3 days. On 17 September 2015, we brought our parents along.

How Disrespectfully they were treated by Headmistress. She arrived at 9:30 am and she left the college while saying she will not hear even a single word from Parents as well. As it is the matter of our future, our Parents still waited for hours then left the college and headmistress returned at Pack up.

Important Facts:

  1. None of this “New Rules” were mentioned in Prospectus that was given to us 2 years ago, otherwise we wouldn’t have taken the “Chance” and applied in other university.
  2. If merit was too important, they should have hold the Test during our Admission.
  3. No headmistress can Threat a student like that.
  4. When prospectus allow us then No headmistress can Force a Student to study the specialized Field they never picked and never wanted to study.
  5. It is not Student’s fault if College’s other Specialized fields are empty because we picked the field of our liking.
  6. Head has Reduced seats in Foods and Nutrition from 25 to 15 so rest of students can be forced to study other fields. (Seats were NOT mentioned in prospectus)
  7. If these rules were too important, why not implemented on our seniors?
  8. If “New Rules” are made, should be informed and implemented on New Comers, NOT us.
  9. Our 2 years will be wasted if they forced us out from Field we wanted to specialized in.
  10. No Headmistress can treat Student’s Parents disrespectfully like she did.
  11. Her throughout attitude is highly Condemn-able.

Sir , it is matter of our future and your immediate attention is required before Media is involved. Please take actions immediately or our 2 years will be wasted and now all admissions in other university are closed as well.

I on behalf of my classmates request you to somehow Tell our Head NOT to force her rules on old students.

I have attached pictures of Prospectus , as a proof, on the bases of which we took admission . The Rules Mentioned on This Prospectus should be implemented on us.

And please also take action on her Attitude. “Threat” “Force” “disrespecting Parents” such attitude shouldn’t be attained.

PS. Arrange Bio-metric system in our college so you can monitor the Time duration she spends in college.

I will be highly obliged if you take out some time of your and solve our problem within days as our most of the time have already been wasted. waiting for your reply.

Thank You.