UoP Mathematics Department to be upgraded

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The Department of Mathematics University of Peshawar will be upgraded to the level of Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, as per standard practice in best varsities of the world.

This was revealed by Dean of Numerical and Physical Sciences Prof. Dr. Gulzar in a briefing to the Vice Chancellor UoP Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan during his visit to the Department. He added the Department has been imparting quality education to students of the country from 1950 and is the main human resource provider to Universities around the country.

The Vice Chancellor visited Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of the faculty of Numerical and Physical Sciences, to inspect the infrastructure and research facilities being provided to students.

In his brief address Chairman Department of Computer Science Associate Professor Dr. Saeed Mehfooz said that the Department is in the process of upgrading client server target and a high performance scalable data centre. He added Computer Science Department is soon going to start BS in Software engineering and Network & Security.

Mathematics and Computer Science are two fields integral for researchers and scientists, said the Vice Chancellor on the occasion. He added all the faculty members should come up and contribute towards improving ranking of the University. This is only possible through excellent research, publishing and submission of research projects for the benefit of public at large, he stated.

The Vice Chancellor reiterated his resolve that confirmation and promotion of varsity teachers have been linked with students’ evaluation and research output. Gone are the days when a Ph. D degree was supposed to be the end of research.

In the modern era of globalization Ph. D is just a beginning towards achieving excellence in academics and research. The Vice Chancellor urged the faculty members to convert University Departments to research centers’ than confining it to teaching only.