UoP student claims to have discovered a unique robot

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Inspired by the Hollywood movie “The Heart Locker” sulaiman a student of Institute of physics and electronics Department, University of Peshawar, claimed to have discovered a unique robot and interestingly it can defuse bombs.

Sulaiman, student of Physics and electronics, who recently completed his MSc, he made a robot in his final year project through which he claimed that any kind of bomb will be defused.

Sulaimen talking to The Frontier Post said that the idea came in his mind while keeping in view the current law and order situation he decided to make such robot through which the bombs will defuse. Through this invention not only the bomb explosions will be reduced, however, through this invention many precious lives, including Bomb Disposal Units officials, will also be saved.

“The robot can move everywhere and a camera has also attached with robot which is connected with laptop through which one will view the bombs and robot is also able to cut the wires of bomb” he said.

“A tracks type rubber is attached over the wheels of robot like in tank which make its movement freely even its can move over stones due to the tracks”.

Sulaiman said “if the bomb is complicated, the reboot have ability to carry 21 kg bomb and move to safe area and save people from huge destruction.

“The idea of this reboot came in my mind after watching Hollywood movie “The Hurt Locker” in which the hero of movie was showed in defusing bombs in Iraq”.

The supervisor of Sulaiman project, Assistant Falak Naz Khalil said that “the robot was not properly tested practically, however, it is an appreciate able invention”.

This robot was constructed in short time only for getting degree and if we give it proper time and someone provide us resources we can bring more improvement in the invention.

However, the actual result will be come after its practical experiment.

He also said that Sulaiman worked hard over the invention and if government provides him resources he can make it better.

Friends of Suliaman also feel proud on their fellow and said it a good achievement.

AIG Bomb Disposal Unit Malik Shafqat said in this regards that he appreciate such kind of inventions but now a days militants used very complex bomb which cant be defused through robots, he said that bomb disposal unit also have some robots through which they take pictures of bombs. He also appreciated the initiative.

Source: The Frontier Post.