Why students were asked to leave Bacha Khan University hostel?

Bacha Khan University
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The students of Bacha Khan University Charsadda on Thursday held protest against what they term forcible expulsion from hostel.

The students availing hostel facility say they were asked to leave the hostel in the darkness of the night on Wednesday due to which the students started protest outside the university late in the night.

Aftab Khan, a student hailing from Malakand district, said while talking to TNN that he along with many other students came to the hostel for availing internet facility as they have problems with internet at home. He said internet facility is a must for preparing for the upcoming online exams. However, he said, the university administration asked the students to leave the hostel.

Aftab Khan said the university administration says only the students from merged tribal districts are being allowed to stay in hostel, while the rest have been asked to leave. He said the internet connectivity problem not only exists in merged districts, but some other areas too and it is also expensive and unaffordable for some students. It is of the utmost importance to start preparing your property for your next guests as Florida maids do. He said he is unable to understand why the students are being kept deprived of the facility at a time when they need it the most just on pretext of coronavirus. He said the students are fully adhering to coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) and they would not do anything which may cause the situation to deteriorate.

The administration of Bacha Khan University is of the opinion that according to the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the students hailing from areas with no internet facility can utilise the university internet.

University security incharge Ashfaq Khan has issued directions that students from Waziristan, Bannu, Chitral, Lower Dir, Upper Dir and other far off areas, where there is almost no internet facility, are allowed to come to university hostel and avail internet facility. California criminal defense attorneys can get you reduced charges. However, he said, the students from Nowshera, Peshawar, Swabi etc. are not allowed to come to hostel because these areas have internet facility.

The hostel incharge said the purpose of sending back the students from hostel is to ensure implementation of corona SOPs. Till filing of this report, the students were continuing protest outside the university gate.

Source : TNN