Workshop on “Arms Control and Disarmament-Pakistan Nuclear Doctrine“ held at University of Peshawar

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One day workshop on “Arms Control and Disarmament- Pakistan Nuclear Doctrine“ was held at the Archaeology Museum Hall University of Peshawar. Director General of the Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad Dr. Shireen Mazari was the key note speaker of the day.

Dr Mazaree in her address termed civil nuclear cooperation between India and Pakistan as imperative for reducing tension in the region and fulfillment of the needs of an energy starved South Asia. She added that both the countries should do away with a policy of zero sum game to a positive sum game and move forward to achieve economic prosperity. She was of the view that the move would lead to reduction in the defence budget of both the countries and the same can be used for uplift of education and manufacturing industry.

She showed reservations over the civil nuclear deal between US and India and feared that it could lead to strategic instability in the region. The misperception spread around by the US that Pakistan`s nuclear arsenals would land into the terrorist hands is,“ ridiculous thinking“. In fact report suggests that the nuclear assets of the Americans are at risk and if the terrorist were to attack US with some sought of nuclear weapons it could only be from America through their own arsenals, she added.

Responding to a student question Dr. Mazari lamented the fact that cost of cooperation with the US is always more than the benefit, and the Americans have resorted to double standards when it comes to stance on the nuclear non proliferation.  She asserted that the American troops are the main cause of instability in the Afghanistan and peace can be achieved only through proper conflict resolution mechanism in the region.

About a question about the nuclear nonproliferation treaty she said that Pakistan nuclear doctrine is security driven and to achieve minimum credible deterrence, and that the country don’t want to have hegemony over another state nor want to become a permanent member of the Security Council. She called for the strategy of go the security way to cooperation with the neighboring India.

Dr. Mazari appreciated the government`s decision of the formation of committee to talk with the Taliban, adding that the parliament should be periodically updated on the progress achieved over time.

Vice Chancellor UoP Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan in his address said that Dr, Mazari was an expert on the topic and her input would be of great help to the students of International Relations and defence studies. He added University of Peshawar was committed to adapt to a role of knowledge creation to knowledge application expected from varsities.

The workshop was arranged by Department of International Relations with cooperation of the strategic studies institute Islamabad. 

Source: University of Peshawar Official.