World space week at UET

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The World Space Week event is organized to create awareness on space sciences and technology and their contribution for the betterment of the human condition among the students. The event was organized jointly by SUPARCO and UET. Vice Chancellor UET Imtiaz Hussain Gillani and Deputy Director General SUPARCO Amin Bhadur also attended the event. Imtiaz Gillani addressing the ceremony highlighted the importance of gaining unexplored knowledge of space in order to develop an understanding of how to use the space technology for academic as well as practical fields. He said that taking the university’s progressive approach the university was planning to establish two more campuses in Upper Dir, and Chitral. The new campuses would give a chance to the people of these areas to equip themselves with the engineering education, Gillani added. Deputy Director General, SUPARCO Amin Bhadur said that Pakistan stands 5th on international ranking in terms of events and creating awareness through the media on space technology.