Worrisome absence: Hindu schoolteacher goes missing in Peshawar

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A Hindu schoolteacher was allegedly kidnapped by unidentified men on her way home from school on Saturday afternoon.

Faqir Chand, the father of the missing 25-year-old woman identified as Sapna Rani, said his daughter is a teacher at the Peshawar Science Academy, situated near Ayub Flour Mill on GT Road. He said Sapna went to school at around 7:45am on Saturday morning and when she did not return till 4:00pm, the family grew concerned.

Chand said they contacted several relatives and friends but none of them had a clue about her whereabouts. Chand’s nephew Suraish Kumar has filed a report at the Paharipura police station. A police official said they filed the case in the late hours of Saturday and investigation has started.

Bindya Rani, the kidnapped woman’s grief-stricken mother, said her daughter had been teaching at the school for four years, adding that she did not own a mobile phone which would have otherwise helped the police in tracing her. She said it was confirmed Sapna went to school and then conducted her after-school tuition classes before heading home. It was probably on her way back that Sapna disappeared, she added. “We don’t have any enemies,” said Bindya and pleaded the government to help secure the release of her daughter.

Published: The Express Tribune