NATIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM for Youth of Federal Regions

NIP Scholorship Program
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The Government has taken the initiative of providing the opportunity of training to the educated youth of Federal Regions(ICT,FATA,GILGIT,BALTISTAN,and AJK), along with an attractive monthly stipend of Rs.10,000/-. Join National Internship Program and get professional training and experience.

The procedure for scrutinization and selection is given below:-
Step 1
All applications received either on-line or by post will be sent to HEC for verification of degree, Roll Number, Registration Number, Name of University and year of passing. HEC is carrying out the verification in close coordination with all recognized Universities and degree awarding institutions.
Step 2
Once degree is verified by HEC, the applications for internship are forwarded to NADRA for verification of CNIC number, permanent residence (ie;domicile)date of birth and names etc.
Step 3
All those applications are  verified by HEC and NADRA are sorted out on the basis of preference for placement. Name of such applicants are then  included in first list of successful applicants.
Step 4
All those applicants whose names have not yet been included in the first batch of selected interns, are being examined by HEC in consultation with all relevant Universities and Institutions. Once the verification of degree is completed by HEC and CNIC by NADRA, the remaining eligible applicants will be included in subsequent list of successful candidates

One Year.
A monthly stipend of Rs. 10,000/- will be given during the internship.

Candidates will be awarded experience certificates on the successful completion of internship.

Apply online at or through postal mail.

Content BY : Ali Gohar