I am Pashtun

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I am a Pashtun, miserable Pashtun!

Stands alone with miserable present
troublesome past and dim future!
And I have my family tree that goes for thousands years and tell you thousands stories!
And I have a land to live, but not for me to live
And I have eyes that see and cry
And I have a family that I love
like you love yours….


And I have an ego that rules over me
And my self pride that I prefer over your kingdoms…
And I have an empty stomach
That I prefer over yours empty desires and greed…
And I have a heart which beats within my chest…
For every time it beats it asks for love and peace
….And……I am a bird, but not a free bird…..
And I want to fly….like you want to fly

And this road that you stand on is mine….
And my forefathers fought for it…..
Like you fought with courage for your empire!!!!!!
And those mountains which you see, reflects me…
And that tree that you see shows my strength…..
Ask Greeks and Aryans, Huns and English, Arabs and Mughals!!!!!!
For we rule to love, like roots of the tree rule to expand…
And we fight to win, like you play to win!!!!!!!

And you call it play and we call it war…….
You call it playground, we call it battlefield…..
And I am a river….
And I will take you with my flow…
And I will give you water, water of love and peace, of Pashtunwali and honorYou may cut my throat not my roots?
For I have heard from my parents,And the words echo in my ears…..

And men do not die with the death of their bodies.    

Selection : Arooj Khan Marwat