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thePeshawar Logo

Global village, is the term used to describe the world shrunk into a village by the means of the different media types, most especially the World Wide Web, making it easy to pass across information , that’s why making the world become like a single village where people can easily share information with each other very quicker. An organization having conventional, old fashioned way of communication will hardly survive for long in this global village.

Education is a means to serve the future of any nation. No human beings are able to survive properly without education. Education tells the nation how to think, how to work properly, how to make decisions etc. It is most important and beneficial factor in our life like our basic needs of food, clothes and shelter. It is right of everyone to get. Only because of education, a man becomes able to receive information from the external humanity in proper way. It is only education which can able a nation to extract results from its past acts and receive all essential information concerning the present and future.

To provide information on Education will, no doubt, serve in the same way as has been mentioned above. Limited time availability of today’s students has increased the need for more effective information delivery methods on the topic of education. Therefore, after successful launching of the thepashto.com – an online Pashto dictionary, now Pukhtoogle.com is going to initiate a new project thepeshawar.com. In this project, we will focus on all educational information of Peshawar such as educational and literary activities in schools, colleges and universities, competitive examinations, entry tests and education consultancies etc.

The portal will be so much comprehensive that it would definitely serve as a centralized platform for all sorts of students, where they would be able to find each and every information about their current studies as well as planning for their future studies. The facility of Forum will provide the opportunity to discuss their study matters with all users at thepeshawar.com. This website will also provide the facility of downloading the books, notes, thesis and guess papers etc free of cost. Please have a glance of the tentative architecture or proposed blueprint of the portal.

Moxet Khan