Agriculture University Peshawar Admission Spring 2013

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 It is notified for the information of all concerned that fresh admission in M. Sc (Hons) / M. Phil / MS and PhD (Spring Semester 2013) has been rescheduled as per following schedule: 


Issuance of forms form HBL The University of Agriculture, Peshawar Branch 22-01-2013


Submission of admission forms in concerned Department /Institute 28-01-2013


Department Scrutiny committee (DSC) in the concerned department/Institute 29-01-2013


Interview by FAC eligible applicants in Concerned Dean Office 30-01-13 Crop Production 08:30 am to 03:30
31-01-13 Crop protection 08:30 am to 03:30 
31-01-13 Nutrition Sciences 02:30 onwards
1/2/2013 Animal husb & Vet Sci 08:00 am to 12:00
1/2/2013 Rural Sociology Sciences 02:00 onwards


Submission of Fee 31-01-2013 to 08-02-2013


Commencement of Regular Classes 11/2/2013


Late admission* with Rs. 1000/- 20-02-2013


Late admission* with Rs. 2000/- 8/3/2013

Note: *Conditions apply

  1. All Chairmen/Directors are requested to Schedule meeting of Departmental/Institute Scrutiny Committee (DSC)
  2. All Deans are requested to schedule Faculty Admission Committee (FAC)
  3. Regulations 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and Regulations 3.1, 3.5, 3.12) comprising the following:
    1. The admission to all programs shall be processed by the DSC and FAC as per program notified by the DASAR.
    2. DSC shall be nominated by the concerned head of the Department/Institute comprising atleast two Faculty Members.
    3. Admission shall be granted through the following FAC on date(s) to be notified by the DASAR:

Admission shall be granted through the following admission committee on date(s) to be notified by the DASR.

  1. Dean of the Faculty Convener
  2. Chairman / Director Member
  3. Two senior Teachers to be nominated by the Chairman of the department/Director of the institute Member
  4. DASR Member/Secretary


For More Information Contact:
Director Advanced Studies & Research
Phone #: + 92 91 9218247 Ext: 3037
The University of Agriculture, Peshawar