Shutdown, Reboot or Logoff Automatically

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There are times when you wish that the computer you are working on, gets shut down at some specified time or after certain number of hours. Consider a situation, you are downloading a movie and you wish to sleep but you want that the computer gets shut down automatically after 3 hours, what shall you do?

Windows have no feature using which we can schedule the shutdown, reboot or the log off but here is a tool that I came across that does this for you. The tool is called “Automatically Shut Down, Reboot or Logoff Computer At Certain Time Software” and as the name suggests, it can shut down, restart or log off the system either at specified time or after certain number of hours.

Using this tool you can set the date/time when you want your machine to shutdown or restart or just set after how many hours it can shutdown or log off automatically. You need to download and install the tool before being able to use it. It is a free tool and sits in the taskbar and also doesn’t start itself at the boot, so you will have to run it when you wish to shut or reboot the system automatically.