Khyber Medical University Peshawar

khyber medical university
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  • + Vice Chancellor : Prof. Dr. Hafeez Ullah Jan
  • + Continent Colleges : 6




Phone Number :   +92-91-9217703, 9217696, 9217697, 9217699
Email :
Website :
Address : PDA Building, Block IV, Phase 5, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

KMU Mission Statement

Service to humanity with a commitment for excellence in medical education and research, providing medical students with state of the art knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver the highest standards of health care to the people.

KMU Vision

  • Create state of the art learning opportunities for faculty
  • Promote an environment of academic freedom.
  • Develop valid assessment techniques for evaluation of knowledge, skill and attitude.
  • Provide a supportive environment to promote lifelong learning to all health care providers for enhancing their knowledge, technical capabilities and professional conduct.
  • Establish collaborations and partnerships within the KMU constituent colleges and other educational and health care institutes.
  • Advocate for good public health policy, evidence based clinical practice and efficient health care delivery systems.

KMU Values

  • Personal honesty, integrity and respect for humanitarian, traditional and cultural values
  • Generation, synthesis, application and dissemination of knowledge
  • The Medical Education Continuum a system for lifelong learning
  • Personal and professional development of faculty and support staff
  • Mutual respect and collaboration
  • Personal, institutional and professional accountability
  • Service to local, regional, national and international communities
  • Continuous improvement of our programs through processes of sustainable development.

KMU’s Top Ten Priorities

  • Establish a multi-dimensional Comprehensive Health Care Approach encompassing all the four elements of health i.e. prevention, promotion, curative intervention & rehabilitation.
  • Develop a Health Care Team approach at all levels of health care delivery for a comprehensive health care delivery system.
  • Enhance the level of Education in Basic Medical Sciences, Nursing And Allied Health Sciences, And Public Health.
  • Include Behavioral Sciences and Humanities in the Medical Education Curriculum.
  • Define a dynamic, relevant, comprehensive, evidence / outcome based curricula that accommodates healthy extra curricular, literary and cultural activities.
  • Convert to the Semester System of Education.
  • Implement an objective and Continuous System of Evaluation.
  • Create the Health Education Continuum (UGME, PGME, CME, CPD, & CED) with opportunities & commitment for life long learning.
  • Promote evidence based medical practice through Innovation, Scholarship, Partnership & Collaborations and Biomedical Research.
  • Exercise the concepts of Academic Audit, Research Audit & Clinical Audit.

KMU Emblem

  • The Quranic verse is a prayer meaning “O’God Bless Me with Wisdom”.
  • Kmu is the abbreviation of Khyber Medical University
  • The staff and the snake are the symbols of medical profession.
  • The staff (stick, support) and the snake intertwined around it is called “Caduceus” symbolizing medicines. It is originated from the Greek God of healing, Asclepius who is represented with a snake. Snake is an ancient symbol of physical and spiritual healing.