Preston University Peshawar

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Preston University Peshawar

  • + Date of Established : 1984
  • + Vice Chancellor : Dr. Abdul Basit
  • + Program Offered : BS, MS, MPhil, PhD


Phone Number :   +92-91-5845540-2
Email :
Website :
Address : 18, Old Jamrud Road, University Town, Peshawar, Pakistan

History & Progress

Preston University, Pakistan was established as School of Business and Commerce in 1984 to foster academic excellence. Preston University is seriously committed to improving the quality of higher education in Pakistan. The university is managed by a group of dedicated professionals and academicians who have committed their lives to the cause of higher education in Pakistan. Since its inception in 1984, Preston Network has imparted knowledge and skills to thousands of individuals through many teaching programs.

The experience at this University has played an important role in the professional and personal development of our students. Preston University will continue to fulfill its responsibilities to the society by creating and providing facilities for personal and professional growth of individuals who wish to make a career in the fields of business administration, information technology, engineering and technology, natural and applied science, social sciences and education.

Preston University is the first private university of Pakistan and now has one of the largest networks of campuses in the country. Being pioneer in private-sector higher education in Pakistan, we are proud that Preston University plays an important role as a leader and pace-setter in higher education in Pakistan.


  • To provide a specialized, high quality education as preparation for professional positions in business, industry and government.
  • To use traditional and modern instructional techniques and technology to the best advantage in the delivery system so as to enhance and enrich students’ achievements of their educational and career goals.
  • To offer educational programs, both on-campus and distance learning, to students of all nationalities worldwide.
  • To provide educational opportunities to persons already employed or engaged in business, allowing them to pursue undergraduate and graduate degree programs without interrupting their careers and without any compromise on the quality of education.
  • To pursue innovations and develop new methods and technologies for delivery of education and development of instructional materials.
  • To use modern information technology to the maximum extent possible in all phases of the academic as well as administrative aspects of the University programs.


Faculty of Business Administration

  1. BBA :   IT, Marketing & Finance, HRM
  2. MBA :   IT, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, HRM
  3. EMBA : Marketing, General Management, IT, E-Commerce, Banking & Finance, Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Health Management, Hotel & Tourism Management, Environment Management, Development Studies, Disaster Risk Management
  4. MS/M.Phil :   Management, Marketing, Finance, HRM
  5. MS/M.Phil :   Management, Marketing, Finance, HRM

Faculty of Information Technology

  1. BS:IT, Software Engineering, System Engineering
  2. MS:Communication & Networking, Database Management, Software Engineering, Multimedia Technologies
  3. MCS/MS:Communication & Networking, Database Management, Multimedia Technologies, Software engineering
  4. EMS:IT, Database Management, Software Engineering, Communication & Networking

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

  1. B-Tech (Pass) : Electrical, Electronic, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical
  2. B-Tech (Hons) : Electrical, Electronic, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical
  3. M-Tech : Electrical, Electronic, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical
  4. M.Phil/Ph.D : Applied Technology

Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

  1. M.Sc/MS : Mathematics
  2. M.Sc : Electronics
  3. M.Sc : Telecommunication
  4. M.Sc : Mathematics
  5. M.Phi/PH.D : Mathematics, Electronics, Telecommunication

Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. M.Sc : Economics
  2. M.Sc : Psychology
  3. M.Sc : Applied Psychology
  4. M.Sc : International Relations, International Diplomacy
  5. M.Phil/Ph.D : Economics, Psychology, International Relations

Faculty of Education

  • B.Ed : Education
  • M.Ed : Education
  • MA/MS : Education
  • M.Phil/Ph.D : Education

Institute of Nano Science & Technology

  • BS : Nanoscience & Technology
  • MS : Nanoscience & Technology

Disaster Research Institute

  1. DRM : Diploma in Disaster Risk Management
  2. MSc : Disaster Risk Management
  3. MSc : Environmental Management
  4. MSc : Occupational Health & Safety