KPK University Of Engineering & Technology Peshawar

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UET Peshawar Logo

  • + Date of Established : 1980
  • + Vice Chancellor : Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani
  • + Students : 3000+



Phone Number : + 92 91 9216796-8
Email :
Website :
Address : University Campus, Peshawar- Pakistan

History & Progress

Located at the gateway to Central Asian Republics, in the 2500 years old historic city of Peshawar, our university boasts a rich cultural diversity, and is steeped in traditions of hospitality, valour and frontier romance.

We are proud to showcase a seat of higher learning in the engineering sciences in a geo-political area that has, of late, been in the news for other reasons. From the traditional to the cutting edge, we offer a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines to students in our four campuses across NWFP.

We believe engineers should be centrally placed in policy making at all levels, and that is why our teaching sharply focuses on developing leadership skills. This way our graduates take their very relevant technical knowledge, and leverage it into a potent tool for sustainable development of the nation.

  1. Department of Agricultural Engineering
  2. Department of Basic Sciences & Islamiyat
  3. Department of Computer Sciences & Information Technology
  4. Department of Computer System Engineering
  5. Department of Chemical Engineering
  6. Department of Civil Engineering
  7. Department of Electrical Engineering
  8. Department of Industrial Engineering
  9. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  10. Department of Mechatronics Engineering
  11. Department of Mining Engineering

Scholarships & Awards

1. In-affordability scholarship
A limited number of scholarships on the basis of poverty­cum-merit are awarded under this scheme. Scholarships are awarded by a Scholarship Award Committee. Comprising of the following:

  • Dean, Faculty of Engineering Convener
  • Chairman of the Department Member
  • Director Finance Member
  • Provost Member
  • In-charge of Student Affairs

2. Fee concession and other Financial Assistance
Free ship in tuition fee may be granted to a maximum of 15 deserving students on the recommendations of the Scholarships award Committee. When two or more brothers or sisters are studying in the University, then the one in the higher class shall pay full tuition fee and other only half of the fees.

3. Free Ship in rationalized fee
Ten students in each of the following Departments of the University run on rationalized fee structure shall be awarded Scholarships of Rs.21,000/- per semester on merit at the time of admission for first semester. The Scholarships shall be awarded inaffordablity/merit basis. Scholarships holders will have to pay normal fee/user charges of the University.

4. Cash Awards to Talented Student
In order to recognize merit, and encourage academic competition among students, the following cash awards will be granted to students who secure first, second and third position in each semester of all disciplines

  • First position holder in each semester. Rs.2500/-each
  • Second position holders in each semester. Rs.1500/-each
  • Third position holders in each semester. Rs.1000/-each

5. Award for the Best Student Project
In order to encourage final year students to take interest in the Project Work and improve its quality, the Syndicates has approved the following rules for the award of best student project.

There shall be one award comprising of cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- certificate and shield for the group members of the best project in each discipline. The shield inscribed with the names of the group members shall be kept in the respective department.

The award shall be given on the basis of recommendations of the Selection Committee. Best project for the award shall be evaluated by a Selection Committee for each department.

6. Gold Medals
University Gold Medals. Gold medals shall be awarded to students in each discipline who fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Pass all the University Examinations in first attempt and complete the course within eight consecutive semesters after joining the first semester.
  2. Secure at least 3.75 CGPA
  3. Stand first aggregate in term of marks obtained in all examinations, in their respective disciplines. In the event of the between two or more students, more than one gold medal will be award.

7.Presidential Awards
Two cash prizes of Rs. 5,000% each are awarded by the President of Pakistan (one to a student from the Tribal Areas and one from Settled Districts) to students who secure the highest position in the Bachelor of Engineering Examination.

8. Merit Scholarships
Two cash prizes of Rs. 5,000% each are awarded by the President of Pakistan (one to a student from the Tribal Areas and one from Settled Districts) to students who secure the highest position in the Bachelor of Engineering Examination.


At UET, Peshawar we recognize the singular importance of research, and hence are playing a vital role in R&D since 1990. Presently research activities are revolving around the areas including mechanical design, design of earthquake-resisting structures, mining techniques, processing of low grade industrial minerals and metalic ores, environmental management, water resources management and application of computers in engineering.


The University Library contains one of the greatest collections of latest books and manuscripts related to various engineering and computing disciplines. The Library also offers facilities to students to access electronic journals under “Digital Library Program”, an HEC funded project for public and private universities.

Information Management

The University has an infrastructure to support wide spread internet as well as intranet setup that covers its main and remote campuses. After completion of the on-going project of the University computerization, majority of administrative and academic activities will also be managed through online system.

UET Peshawar has Five campuses. The main campus is in the University Campus area, off University Road, Peshawar, with Four satellite campuses in Kohat, Abbottabad, Bannu and Mardan. The Peshawar campus is the nucleus of the University.

Abbottabad campus

The Abbottabad campus was inaugurated in October 2002 at the premises of the old Ayub Medical College. The campus has two departments, Electronics and Architecture. The campus started Electronic Engineering subjects for the first time in UET history. In this respect its first Batch 2004 to 2008 is called the “Pioneer BATCH”. Similarly architecture was not only started for the first time in the history of UET but also in history of khyberpukhtunkhwa.

Abbottabad campus is located in the heart of city surrounded by lush green lawns and tall trees. At the background, there is a mountain view adding more grandeur to the campus. The departments offers the following four and five year degree program respectively:

  • B.Sc Electronics Engineering (four year program)
  • B.Architecture, City and Regional Planning ( five year program )

Bannu campus

The Bannu campus became operational in May 2002 at the premises of Comprehensive High School. The campus offers engineering in two technologies, i.e., Electrical and Civil Engineering. The campus is in the east of city on D.I Khan Rd. Six batch have graduated from this campus under the accreditation of PEC.

Mardan campus

Mardan campus, inaugurated in 2002, is spread over 22 acres (89,000 m2) of area and offers degrees in Telecommunications Engineering and Computer Software Engineering.

  • B.Sc Telecom Engineering,
  • B.Sc Software Engineering
  • B,sc Electrical Engineering

Kohat campus

The Kohat campus became operational in March 2012 at the premises of Kohat University City campus. The campus offers engineering in One technology, i.e., Electrical. The campus is in the Pinde Road of Kohat city Near BiPass of Peshawer and Pindi Rd. Four batches Doing graduating from this campus.In Future Other Technology will be offer In the Campus e.g., Gas Engineering and Electronic Engineering. Kohat campus Student are Shifted from Kohat University when they closed Their engineering Programme.