One Day Seminar on “Peshawar: The Earliest Living City of South Asia”

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One Day Seminar on “Peshawar: The Earliest Living City of South Asia”

One Day Seminar was arranged in Video conference hall of Main Campus, SBBWUP in collaboration with Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan on the title “Peshawar: The earliest Living City of South Asia”. The aim of the seminar was to create awareness among the students to know the importance of archaeological and historical position of their native land and to understand why this knowledge is important to know in order to understand one’s  true identity.

The event started with the welcome note by the Chief Proctor, Ms. Henna Karamat. The Guest speaker of the event was Prof. Dr. IhsanAli , Vice Chancellor, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan.  He enlightened the audience with the history of Peshawar from archaeological perspective. He discussed different eras of evolution since the existence of this city mentioning the importance and history of the ancient monuments of Peshawar/. Later he shared his experiences as director libraries and archives and declared that Peshawar Museum is the only museum which preserves all the ancient belongings from different eras. In the end he invited the Staff and students of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar to Mardan in order to visit the historical places over there.

Later, Professor Dr. Razia Sultana, Vice Chancellor, SBBWUP thanked the chief guest on sharing useful information. She, as a historian linked the archeological information with the historical information which helped the audience understand more about their native city. Dr. Razia while address, stated that one must know the history and culture of its native land in order to prove one’s identity. They are the foundation of any nation. The societies must know about each other as well in order to establish connections with each other. Moreover, she aimed to initiate department of Archaeology and History in the .campus keeping in view the importance of the subjects. “I believe in the talent of my students, Faculty and Staff. They can excel in any field” she added. She further declared that the aim of University team not only to provide degrees to the students but to inculcate values in their personalities.

At the end of the seminar, shield was presented to the worthy chief guest.