Campus Ambassador Program

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We are pleased to announce the Campus Ambassador for various institutes. The editors are responsible for posting content for respective institute. is a non-profit educational portal. We highly encourage students to participate and engage with community, share quality content and updates. If you are interested to join our admin team send an email to admin[at] If you are on of admin in our website and want to know how to start follow the step below.

How to post?

  1. Open http://localhost/thepeshawar/wp-admin
  2. Enter your username & password
  3. Hover mouse on POSTS and click on ADD NEW
  4. Enter Title and Description of the post, you can directly paste youtube, twitter or facebook link as well. It ll be converted to video or tweet etc.
  5. On the right column choose a CATEGORY
  6. Upload a relevant FEATURE IMAGE
  7. That’s it 🙂

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  • Daily update from their institute including events, news and notifications.
  • Give approximately 30-45 minutes daily to thePeshawar page in order to give replies related to his/her institute.
  • Only student who are innovative and are having good communication skills and aware of Social media i.e Facebook etc
  • Expert students who knows how to use wordpress can get editor rights in website.


  • Be the part of KP largest educational portal.
  • Receive customize gift from thePeshawar (Card, Pen, Mug, Stickers)
  • Ambassador will receive free entry passes, invitation of events & fun fair managed by our partners.
  • Free promotion of their facebook pages, events and other social accounts on our pages/websites.
  • Expert opinion for building their social media pages/accounts.
  • They can recieve certificates on request as well.

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