63 Khyber Agency Schools Destroyed In War On Terror

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In the war against terrorism Khyber Agency 63 educational institutions were destroyed which would be rebuilt in Annual Development Program as it would help in increasing the literacy rate of the agency which is already 39.19% in which 63% is male literacy rate and 16.13% female literacy rate. These views expressed by MNA Al-Haji Shah Jee Gul Afridi, Agency Education Officer Ateeq-ur-Rehman, Malik Ismail Tourkhel, Malik Wazir, Malik Khalid Afridi, Haji Abdur Lahood Afridi, and Political Admintrator Azmat Ullah Wazir in a ceremony held by Department Education Khyber Agency and political administration at Jirga Hall on Thursday.

The speakers appealed head masters, principals, tribal elders and political agent to spread the message of government that education is important and children should be taught.

They said that the institutions of Khyber Agency would be provided with better facilitates so that the children of agency does not lack behind. They speakers also said that by the help of teachers and head of the schools every child of agency would be attending the school. A committee would be formed to evaluate the schools performance in which nominated persons by political agent, MNA and AIO of Education Department would be in

that committee.

The tribe elder Malik Ismail Tourkhel, Malik Wazir and Malik Khalid said that the school in agency lack behind and they does not have the basic facilities and even clean water is not available for the children. Malik Ismail Tourkhel pointed out that Assistant Political Agent Jamrud was not present in the ceremony.

Source: The Frontier Post