Bishop of Peshawar wants to usurp Edwardes College: Shirazi

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Chief of the United Christian Committee Tanvir Shirazi has alleged that the self-proclaimed bishop of Peshawar wanted to usurp the historic Edwardes College and he has launched a propaganda to fulfill his nefarious designs.

“The illegal, self-proclaimed bishop is making propaganda to create tension between the Muslim and Christian communities and take over the Edwardes College Peshawar,” Tanvir Shirazi told a press conference on Wednesday.

Flanked by Jamaat-e-Islami’s minority leader Rashid Masih, Shirazi said that Humphrey Sarfaraz Peter was creating problems for the Christian community for his vested interests. “He is misleading the Christian community by saying that Muslim majority has taken control of the institution. He and his companions are creating religious hatred,” he remarked.

He said Edwardes College was a missionary institution and its status would remain missionary and they would render every sacrifice for upholding its actual status. Tanvir Shirazi alleged that Humphrey Sarfaraz Peter wanted to appoint a man of his choice as principal of the college to embezzle funds and other assets of the institution.

He said the Christian community reposed confidence in the board of governors of the college and they hope that the BoG would not make any such decision to harm the sentiments of the Christian community.

Tanvir Shirazi demanded the BoG to keep Humphrey Peter away from college affairs. He stressed the Christian community not be misguided by the propaganda by Sarfaraz Peter.

 Source: The News.