Change is visible in KP: Khattak

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He said government would soon unveil health policy, education policy, new local government system and drastic reforms in police, revenue and other sectors. He said that the government was going for a record legislation in near future.

Giving details about reforms in health sector he said that a comprehensive policy was ready that would be announced in the next few days and one of the major steps was revision of medical and health institutions act 2002. He said that 100 per cent presence of doctors and other staff would be ensured in public sector health facilities.

About reforms in education sector, Pervez Khattak said that school based recruitment system was in the implementation stage and non-transferable teachers placement policy was also devised.

He said that crash course in English language would be started while textbook board was also restructured. Biometric system for attendance in schools and school adoption policy were also on card.


Source: The Dawn