CM decorates deaf & dumb girl with gold medal Takes responsibility of her education expenses

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KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak in a simple but impressive ceremony at CM House Peshawar decorated deaf & dumb girl Hina who has topped the board in SSC exam. 

This special teen girl Hina Razi Khan after receiving education at Center for Speech & Hearing Mardan (CSHM) appeared in BISE Kohat SSC exam with thousands of ordinary students and got clinched gold medal on topping the board and getting 1st position throughout KP with highest marks. However her parents decided to quit further studies due to their immense poverty.

Pervez Khattak on knowing about this sorrowful fact summoned Hina with parents, principal and school board members to CM House Peshawar. 

He appreciated the talented Hina, efforts of her parents and school administration. 

He on this occasion announced taking all the educational responsibility of this special talent by himself. Advisor to CM on Social Welfare Dr Mehertaj Roghani, Center’s Principal Mrs S Farooq, sponsor Mrs Saifullah Toru and centers’ board members including Farooq Khan were also present on this occasion.

Chief Minister called upon parents all over the province to feel their handicap wards as responsibility and not a burden. Parents must focus more attention on their special children than ordinary ones to make them useful citizens of society. 

He said poverty must not be hurdle in proper education of special education as philanthropists and welfare organizations are quite ready to sponsor their education. 

He announced that education of all special children of poor families would be sponsored by provincial govt saying that participating in such noble tasks caused us worldly and divine success. 

He asked the philanthropists all over the country to assist KP govt in establishing education and welfare centers for special people in this terror torn province.

Pervez Khattak approved hearing aid equipment for all 175 special children admitted in CSHM as well as assured sufficient annual grant for it. He further assured increase in funds of SWD for such tasks. 

He reiterated pledge of his PTI-led coalition govt that it would ensure implementation of jobs and admission quotas in govt deptts and professional institutes of the province. 

He regretted that such quotas were ignored in past regimes while appointments were made without obeying rules and regulations. 

However he assured this would not happen in his govt and supremacy of law, merit and justice would be maintained in all govt deptts and sectors. 

He said PTI led govt has considerably increased the job quotas of special people and minorities while the coming fiscal and educational years would witness practicing these rules and principles in letter and spirit.

Source: The Frontier Post.