Consultative Session held at IMS

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In order to take FATA students on Board in connection with future of FATA, a one day consultative session was held at Institute of Management Sciences (IMS) Peshawar here on April 15th 2014. The consultative session held under the auspices of Post Crisis Needs Assessment, Implementation Support Unit FATA, was attended by a large number of students, studying at various education institutions. Coordinator ISU FATA Muhammad Zahoor, addressing the participants said that PCNA report was the outcome of an year long struggle and hard work which not only helped in identifying the drivers of the crisis but also had remedy to the problems as well. Heb said that Post Crisis Needs Assessment basically was the peace building strategy for FATA, which was approved by the cabinet and thus led to the establishment of Implementation Support Unit (ISU).

Highlighting role of the ISU FATA, Muhammad Zahoor said that primary role of the ISU was to facilitate the government in implementing recommendations envisioned in the PCNA Report. Giving a detailed account of the investment made during the last three years in FATA, Muhammad Zahoor said that during the period, 2010-13 of the total investment made in FATA, government of Pakistan’s share was 84% where the donors’ contribution was only 16%. 

Terming independence a blessing, Muhammad Zahoor said “this country has given us everything and now it is our responsibility to pay back in any capacity”. He said that Government has done a lot for the uplift of FATA but people’s perception was contrary to the ground realities. “We need to communicate and inform the tribal masses about the development efforts being made the government in FATA” He expressed. Muhammad Zahoor urged the FATA students to get ready and decide their fate themselves. 

Earlier Director IM Sciences Dr. Mohsin Khan while addressing the participants said that IM Sciences not only was geographically located near tribal areas but was also playing a vital role for the development of FATA. 

“Some 52% of FATA students in IM Sciences are getting scholarships and hopefully this figure will go up to 72% in the days to come” He informed. He urged the FATA students to attain higher studies and pay back, serving their people. Socials Sector Specialist ISU FATA Miss Hina Tillat made a presentation on Legal and Administrative arrangements of FATA whereas Assistant Professor Shabana Gul hosted the sessions.

Source: The Frontier Post.