Da Ghulam Sarwar Baba Kuliyaat launched

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The collections of poetic work of a great Pashto Sufi poet Ghulam Sarwar Baba of Sheikh Mohammadi has been lunched in the local market under the title ‘Da Ghulam Sarwar Baba Kuliyaat‘.

Compiled by Mohammad Riaz Aabid, who happens to be the grandson of Sarwar Baba and himself a poet, the collections of Sufi poet sublimely touches almost every aspect of the life and pondered upon basic realities.

The poetry collection encircles the life, death and life after death and different colors of the life while topics like paradise , hell, the doomsday, joy and sorrow have frequently been disused in the book. Maturity of writing and depth of thoughts in the poetic collection can be felt by the reader who gets mesmerized after going through even a small portion of the book.

In fact it touches the hearts of both reader and the listener alike. Acknowledging the sublimity of the collection, the government of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and the FATA secretariat has recommended the book ‘Da Ghulam Sarwar Baba Kuliyaat’ for the Schools, colleges, offices and public libraries. Also, the literary circles of Peshawar have demanded of the provincial government to include the collections of Sarwar Baba in the syllabus of public sector universities and the colleges.

“Hailing from Tappa Mohmand of district Peshawar, Ghulam Sarwar Baba was no doubt a great poet of the 20th century and needs to be revered by the official circles and those at the helm of affairs in the KP government as the inclusion of his collections in the colleges and universities syllabus would not only be a valuable addition for the students but would also prove a great asset for our new generation and the literary circles of this region”. Mohammad Riaz Aabid, the compiler of the book told APP.