Dengue awareness in edu institutions to be launched soon

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Secretary Higher Education Farah Hamid has said that Higher Education Department would soon launch program in all education institution for the awareness of dengue diseases and pamphlets and broachers will distributed in all institution of dengue diseases. 

This he said on Monday in a seminar on Dengue diseases and its precautionary measures organized by North West General Hospital Peshawar.

Farah Hamid said that prevention is better than cure, adding that as the summer season has already started so we should all extra care to prevent ourselves and our family from the dengue virus, adding that the Higher Education will soon start the campaign against dengue virus in all institution to create awareness among students.

On the occasion Dr. Romana Noman while giving her presentation on dengue said that in Pakistan the dengue was reported in 1994, adding that in 2006 an epidemic occurred in South of Pakistan, with more that 3000 people were infected while around 45 people were died.

She further said that in 2013 total number of 6376 people was suspected from dengue while around 23 people were died in Swat district because of dengue disease, adding that the causes of dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever which is transmitted by female mosquitoes.

Dr.Romana said that the virus of dengue is inoculated into human with mosquito salvia and the virus localizes and replicates in various target organs for example local lymph nodes and the liver, adding that the virus then released from these tissues and spread through the blood cell and other lymphatic tissues and the virus then released from these tissues and circulate in the blood.

About the symptoms of dengue disease Dr. Romana said that when a dengue patients infected he may be 104 c fever and might it be exceeded , severe headaches, sharp pain directly behind the eyes , Joint and Muscles pain, Nausea and vomiting , sore throat , abdominal tenderness, constipation, Hemorrhagic bleeding manifestation , a patient of dengue may faces these problems. 

The reason of spreading dengue diseases Dr. Romana said that increasing of urban population, expanding mosquito breeding because of unreliable water supply, traditional water storage practice, poor garbage collection creates more mosquitoes breeding places, rapid transportation, movement of infected patients from one place to another were the reason of spreading dengue diseases.

About the prevention measures of dengue disease Dr. Romana said that Mosquito coil and electricity vapors mats, use of mosquito�s nets, use of repellents, screen on windows to prevents entry of mosquitoes inside the house, protection of people sick with dengue, eliminate stand water.

She requested the media to make awareness among people about the dengue diseases, adding that dengue diseases can be prevent through precautionary measures and extra care. 

On the occasion a large number of doctors and districts health officers were also present.

Source: The Frontier Post.