Dir schools hold debate contest on “Democracy in Pakistan”

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To create awareness among new generation regarding the democratic values and promote democracy in the country, the district administration of Dir organized speech competitions among male and female students of the districts’ schools.

A press release of Malakand Development Program (MDP) said on Tuesday that students from various state-run schools of Lower and Upper Dir participated in competitions titled “Democracy in Pakistan” and they highlighted the importance of democracy.

The three separate speech competitions were organized by the district administrations of Lower and Upper Dir in collaboration with Education Department. The students put forward their suggestions for strengthening democracy and promoting democratic values in the country. They said that sole solution to all our issues and problems lies in true democracy. Describing women’s role in promotion of democratic norms, the students said that women were 51% of total population of the country thereby they can play vital role in promotion of democracy.

Similarly in Government Girl’s High School (GGHS) Jabbar Upper Dir, a ceremony was held on the same topic in which students underlined the role and contribution of women in promoting and strengthening democracy in the country. They said that the role of women cannot be overlooked in any sector therefore they must be involved in democratic process. Apart from debates, male and female students presented national songs and tableaus as well.

At the end of these ceremonies, prizes were distributed among those students, who took part in speech competitions.

Source: The Frontier Post.