District wise PIOs nominated in the E&SE Department

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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary Education, Department, Peshawar has nominated the following male and female officers to work as Public Information Officers in the Directorate of E&SE and District Education offices with whom requests for information under the ordinance would be lodged by the citizens desirous to obtain certain information.


The names, designations and phone numbers of the concerned PIOs are published for the interest of the people: Director E&SE Muhammad Rafiq Khattak (091-9210389), Director Curriculum and Teacher Education Abbottabad Bashir Hussain Shah (0922-382634), Director PITE Peshawar, Fazli Manan (091-2248540), DEO Abbottabad, Muhammad Riaz (0992-9310102), Abida Sheheen (0307-895215),  DEO Bannu, Zaiduddin (0928-660005), Zubaida Hanif (0344-5026533), DEO Batagram, M. Shoukat (0997-311439), DEO Buner, Fida Mohammad (0939-510468), DEOs Charsadda Moeenuddin (091-9220082), Ulfat Begum (0300-9394314), DEOs Chitral Nisar Muhammad (0934-412627), Zuhra Jalal (0943-412047), DEO DIKhan, Ghulam Qasim (0966-9280131), Syeda Anjum (0966-9280133), DEO Dir Lower H. Muhammad Ibrahim (0945-9250082), Sabra Parveen (0945-9220083), DEOs Dir Upper Naghmana Sardar (0944-881400 & 0944-881900), DEOs Hangu, Nazir Khan Khattak (0925-621083), Bibi Rizwana (0302 8848434), DEOs Haripur Umar Khan (0995-610178), Rehana Yasmeen (0995-613244), DEOs Karak Haziq ur Rehman (0927-210486, Perveen Begum (0344-9044143),DEOs Kohat, Zahid Rashid (0922-9260294), Farzana Sardar (0922-9260290), DEOs Kohistan, Tanveer Hussain Shah (0998-407128), Khan Muhammad (0315-5816132), DEOs Lakki Marwat Taj Ali Khan (0969-538291 and 0969-538292), DEOs Malakand Abdullah (0932-410281), Rabia Anees (0932-410281), DEOs Mansehra, Salahuddin Shah (0997 306271), Shamim Akhtar (0997-306273), DEOs Mardan Noorzada (0937-9230151), Attia Sultana (0937-9230150), DEOs Nowshera, Saeed Khan (0923-9220228), , Naheed Anjum (0923-9220105), DEOs Peshawar, Abdul Basit (091-2553687), Sfia Tabassum (091-2600047),  DEOs Shangla (Javed Khan (0996-850639), DEOs Swabi Siraj Muhammad (0938-221239), Samina Ghani (0345-9083373), DEOs Swat Sultan Muhammad (0946-9240228), Dilshad Begum (0946-9240440), DEOs Tank Abdus Salam (0963-510356), Azra Bibi (0963 510381) and DEO Torghar, Gohar Ali.

Source: The News