Donations collected through dinner for medical students

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The doctors generously donated at the fundraising dinner for the Khyber Medical College Foundation (KMCF) established to help the poor but talented students of the Khyber Medical College (KMC) financially.

After its formation about four months ago, it was the first “Fundraising Dinner” held on the premises of the KMC on Saturday.The participants, mostly members of the medical fraternity, felt it would have been better had such an initiative taken before as it would have helped many talented students in the pursuit of medical education. “When we were inviting colleagues to the fundraising dinner, many of them didn’t believe that there were poor students at the college,” Dr Zakirullah Khan of the ENT Department at the Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) told the participants of the gathering.

 A former KMC principal Dr Noorul Iman said the KMCF would provide a platform to those secretly helping the students and encouraging philanthropists to play a role in financially supporting the poor talented students. He said the foundation had 44 members and succeeded in collecting Rs 730,000 donation at the dinner.

Members of the foundation paid the charges of the dinner out of their own pockets. Every member is required to pay Rs 10,000 as annual fee.The office-bearers of the KMCF include Dr Noorul Iman, chairman, Dr Tariq Jabbar, vice-chairman, Dr Ibrar Hussain, general secretaryDr Abid Jamil, joint secretary, Dr Naveed Alam, finance secretary, Dr Zakirullah Khan, coordination secretary and Dr Hakim Afridi, press secretary. Dr Abid Jamil alone raised Rs 50,000 while Jinnah Medical College in Peshawar made Rs 50,000 donation to the foundation. Up to Rs 325000 was raised from Saturday’s dinner.The KMC Foundation is a registered charity organisation and its details are available at

Source: The News.