English poetic collection depicting Pakhtun’s plight due to militancy, extremism launched

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First ever poetic collection in English by a Pashtun poet depicting the plight of dwellers of this region in the wake of ongoing wave of militancy and extremism was launched here at a ceremony held at Area Study Centre of Peshawar University on Saturday.

The ceremony was organized by “Culture for Peace and Study Peshawar” and Director Area Study Centre , Dr Sarfaraz was chief guest on the occasion. 

The panelist who gave their reviews over the poetry included Dr Adil Zareef, a social worker and teacher at Khyber Medical College, Azra Nafees Yousafzai, Peace activist and Educationist, Sher Alam Shinwari, Journalist and Teacher and Dr Hamid Khan who is doing Ph.D and serving as Director Social Welfare. 

The poetic collection titled as “Paris Hilton Vs The Poor Poet and Other poems” is penned by young poet Farid Gul who belong to Mohmand Agency of FATA and has studied in Peshawar. This is the maiden poetic collection of Farid and during his stay in England for Higher Education, he used to write lyrics in English for a local music band “Fire” at Middlesex University London.

Farid is a graduate in Criminology and Social Work, he has worked for several years with vulnerable children and at-risk youth in UK. 

“I am not a poet by desire, but the circumstances which I observe due to militancy and terrorism in my region has forced me to express my feeling in words,” observed Farid Gul Mohmand while talking with APP. 

The poetic collection Paris Hilton Vs the Poor Poet and Other poems consists of a total of 117 poems, spreading over 119 pages. Most part of the book reflects the miserable plight of Pashtun region plagued by extremism and militancy.

Among the 117 poems, one poem contributed to Peshawar city and titled as `O My City’ was much appreciated by participants. “Farid’s poetry has appropriate portrayed as how our rich culture is ruthlessly damaged by militants and extremists elements”, views Sher Alam Shinwari. He said it is good initiative that the plight of people of the region is conveyed to the outer world in English language and people will understand about the circumstances we are passing through due to war against terrorism. About more than 1000 poetic books have been published on implications of terrorism in this region but none in English, Shiwari added. 

This is the first ever book, especially by the dweller of this region who has tried to reflect miseries of the people in poetry, Shinwar observed.