Fata secretariat initiates 12 programmes for jobless youth

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A first Managers Conference was held on Thursday in Peshawar under the auspices of Refugees Affected and Hosting Areas (RAHA) FATA aimed to impart basic information with regard to project and to establish links among masses and organization. 

The conference being organized by RAHA FATA was attended by 52 heads of 26 rural organizations of Khyber Agency and officials of UNDP. Faisal Anwar, Programme Manager for RAHA from FATA Secretariat, who addressed the conference stressed on heads of rural organizations to make functional their organizations at village level. 

He further said the heads of local organizations should come forward in order to take the areas towards development under the collective thinking. While assuring the attendants, Faisal said and adding that all development works are being made on the merit basis and powers are also being transferred at lower level in order to open a new chapter of development in tribal regions. 

With the financial assistance of FATA Secretariat and donor organizations, the organization would solve the potable water issue of tribesmen while installing solar panels, building protections walls, making plantation and assisting formers in agriculture field as well, Mr Faisal informed. Dr Shafiq Afridi, president of rural organizations from Landikotal, Mullagori and Jamrud tehsil in his address ensured full support to officials in this regard. 

Afridi lauded RAHA FATA for initiating 12 various skills programmes for around 500 jobless tribesmen and said it would eradicate poverty from militancy affected areas. Infrastructure Development Officer, Arif Rauf, Social Section Head, Rahat Shinwari and UNDP Media and Communication Officer, Mustafa Nazir also addressed the conference on the occasion. 

They said the objective of the programme was to inform the heads of rural organizations regarding the project and also to form a network among them. Such programmes would also be held in coming times to enhance mutual understanding and take part collectively in development works in tribal regions.

Source: The Frontier Post