Fata teachers call on governor Quality education must for progress: Shaukatullah

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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Engineer Shaukatullah has said that quality education contributes vital role in socio-economic uplift of people both at local and national levels and it is the teaching community and the respective people who bear major role to contribute to make meaningful realization of it possible. Talking to a group of institutional heads and senior teachers of the secondary, higher secondary and colleges of Khyber Agency who called on him at Governors House, Peshawar on Saturday, the Governor further observed, “beyond doubt the government on its part making every effort to establish educational institutions; their maintenance and further development”. But, he added, without meaningful services of teachers and efficient supervision and support of the respective people, the achievement of desired results is impossible. Even then, he remarked, the teachers have to shoulder responsibilities of greater magnitude. Ex-Parliamentarian, Mr. Muhammad Shah Afridi was also present on this occasion. “Special measures are already underway to bring structural improvement of educational institutions in entire FATA which can be judged from the fact that all the primary school buildings will comprise of atleast five rooms each under a gradual arrangement”, the Governor said. Similar is the case in respect of other institutions and all out measures are under way to bring a qualitative change in their working, he said.

Responding to various points of the delegates, the Governor said, though maintenance of law and order has remained major problem in Khyber Agency in particular over the recent past, yet, the situation is rapidly improving for the last about couple of months. The problems in Tirah Valley of the agency, he added, have already been controlled to a great extent and will be fully resolved in near future.

Referring to another point, the Governor said, that the “Shuhada” package is meant for all those government servants who have embraced martyrdom over the recent pact and if, near and dear ones of any of the deceased teacher have been left out of the process, details should be furnished at the earliest for disbursement of the compensation in accordance with the set procedure. Talking on a demand for proper implementation of up-gradation policy meant for teachers, the Governor assured the delegates to look into the matter and make sure that their justified point of views are fully materialized without any further delay. The delegates comprised of Nawab Gul Bar Qambarkhel, Gulab Din Zakhakhel, Jamshed Khan Kukikhel, Khair Muhammad Sipah, Khyber Khan Malik Dinkhel, Hafizullah Afin KamarKhel, Abdul Sattar Shlober, Abdulqadeem Akakhel, Kamyab Gul Mulagory and others.

Source: The Frontier Post