Female madrassa students shine at Art & Painting contests

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Female students from different seminaries of the province shine at Art and Painting competitions held at Peshawar, which was aimed to bring the students of state-run schools and madrassa together and enable them to serve as ambassadors of change for peace.

The event was part of the UNICEF and PEAD Foundation project “Social cohesion and resilience through educational initiatives”. Different seminaries and state run schools from District Swat, Kohat and Peshawar participated in the event. More than40 female students participated in fabric & paper painting, embroidery and Qirat contests.

Addressing the occasion PEAD executive director Sameena Imtiaz said that Madrassa students have immense talent, however they lack proper opportunities. ‘If given the opportunities, they can contribute a great part in development and prosperity of the country’, she added.

One of the madrassah students Rubina from Swat shared that she is excited and very interested to learn some new knowledge and skill. Madrassa head Ms. Noor Mahal appreciated the event and said the project is helping the deprived class of the society as none of the government or non-government organization ever took interest in religious seminaries and had never did anything for betterment of the madrassa students, it is the first time that PEAD worked with us.

At the end of the event chief guest Ex. MNA and current Joint Secretary Central Committee ANP Jameela Gillani distributed prizes among the position holders and all participants. She said there is label of extremism on us, we have to remove this label. ‘We will have to show the world through these activities that we are not extremists,’ she added. Jameela Gillani witnessed all the art activities including hand embroidery, fabric painting and paper painting having beautiful messages of peace and Islam.

There were 19 participants in Qiraat competition in which the student of GGHS Mingora Swat got 1st prize, Khadija from Iqra Daar ul Quran Al karim madrassah Peshawar 2nd and Sabahat from GGHS No 3Kohatsecured 3rd position. More than 21 students took part in fabric painting, paper painting and embroidery competition.

In Fabric painting Haseena from Idarah Taleem ul Quran pakha ghulam got 1st prize, Hira from Idarah Taleem ul Quran Pakha ghulam 2ndand Hafsa from Daar ul uloom Islamia Hanafia Tehkal bala got 3rd position.

In paper painting Kainat from Iqra Daar ul Quran alkarim Madrasah secured 1st position, Fatima from Daar ul Qura Namak mandi 2nd and Saba from Iqra daar ulQuran Alkarim 3rd position. In embroidery Mariam from DaarulQuraNamakMandi got 1st position, Saeeda from Madrassa tul banaat Kohat 2nd and Muhataram from idarah taleeem ul quran lilbanat pakha ghulam secured 3rd position.

via The News