Google Business Group event held in Peshawar

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Google Business Group for Women Entrepreneurs event was held on Saturday. The event was a joint venture of Google Business Group Islamabad and The Digital League along with the support of Premier Formica and ChipBoards. The event was attended by the entrepreneurs of Peshawar.

Saad Hamid addressed the session on Google Apps with a detailed discussion on Google Adwords. Saad Hamid is digital media professional and trainer with experience in new media development, online brand building, blogging, online marketing tools and social media analysis. He is currently working with Pakistan’s largest telecom and Global Shaper with World Economic Forum. He told the women entrepreneurs who are working online how to advertise their work online on Adwords.

Usama Khilji also addressed a small session on How to stay safe online. Usama Khilji is an activist and writer based in Islamabad, who has been involved in cultural exchange as part of the YES Program under which he represented Pakistan for a year in the US in 2005-06. Additionally, he represented Pakistan at the Model United Nations Turkey (MUNTR) in March 2011, and was selected to be President of the Security Council at the Munster University Model United Nations (MUIMUN) in Munster, Germany, in April 2011. He is currently the Lead Investigator at Foundation for Fundamental Rights (FFR), a legal charity working to represent victims of drone attacks in Fata and uncover the truth behind the casualties in these strikes, mostly civilian. Usama Khilji told the entrepreneurs how to stay safe while working online and how they could keep their data face from any type of scam and misuse.

Google Business Group Islamabad is a community of business professionals that come together to share knowledge about Google web technologies for business success and it is a group of business professionals who are interested to learn and become more successful in using the internet for their business. 

This could be to better market their company online, successfully sell products or services on the internet or improve internal / external business processes for their organization.

The event was host by Maria Umer. She is an entrepreneur who is the founder of The Digital League which is an IT-solution company that trains rural Pakistani women in micro online tasks. Maria Umer has won a Global Innovation through Science and Technology business plan competition.

The Digital League is a platform for Pakistan’s digital workforce. Freelancers with a diverse set of skills are brought under one roof and connected to global clients in The Digital League. TDL believes in fair trade and has created a skilled network of online workers and will market the services and work with trusted clients who share the same values. In addition to paying competitive rates, TDL provides training and growth in career and wages as skills are learned.

Author : Syeda Aliya Azhar