Gov vows to rebuild schools

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Engineer Shaukatullah has vowed that all 26 model public schools in FATA would be made fully functional, complete the under-construction buildings and overcome staff deficiency on priority basis. “The fact that only eight model public schools are working while rest are either in the process of construction and rehabilitation or faced with staff deficiency is a mater of deep concern and the respective authorities must prove the ownership of the institutions by making them fully functional in the best interests of the people,” he remarked.

While reviewing working of special educational programmes in FATA alongside the formal educational system at a high level meeting held at Governor House, Peshawar, the governor also took keen interest in management arrangements of the respective institutions and desired that concrete steps should be taken to ensure proper output of the institutions.   Additional Chief Secretary FATA Arbab Muhammad Arif and Secretary Social Sector FATA Secretariat Aftab Akbar Durrani accompanied by the Director Education, FATA and other concerned authorities briefed the governor about salient features of their achievements and future targets

Talking on various points, the governor said there should never be compromising position in the efforts for ensuring workable education system and to make this possible all its dimensions needs to be fully focused to make the desired standards achievable.

The governor also took keen interest in the ongoing projects of establishment of cadet colleges in FATA and he was told that construction of proper campuses both at Wana and Speenkai in South Waziristan Agency is in progress and no effort is spared in meeting timely provision of financial resources to complete them within the shortest possible time.  On a point regarding promotion of technical education, the Governor was told that 52 scholarships each with Rs20,000  per semester are being provided to students from FATA studying in Associate Degree in Engineering in various institutions on merit basis, beside the routine sponsorships being extended to talented and deserving students of FATA under the proper education system.

While referring to the ongoing programmes for capacity building of teachers, the Governor desired to strengthen and develop the existing institutions to the optimum level and make sure that the teachers are fully qualified to deliver their teaching responsibilities.   He also desired to ensure inspection visits on part of respective authorities to educational institutions at every level a regular feature of their working to ensure their efficient working.

Source: The Nation