Govt to utilize ICTs for promotion of Education

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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Education Muhammad Atif Khan on Monday said that political differences apart but in the larger interests of the people of the Province and for promotion of education, the Provincial Government will actively participate in and contribute to the Task Force on utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for education.

Addressing as Chief Guest at a conference on ICTs for Good Governance conducted by Pakistan Institute of ICTs for Development (PIID) in a local hotel in Islamabad Monday he revealed that already the PTI government had started a pilot project in two districts which three subjects, English, Biology and Maths were taught to the students in the secondary schools through ICTs and once found successful it would be extended to both other parts of the Province as well as other subjects. 

However, the Minister Education KP at the same time warned the policy makers not to ignore the diversity in development levels and the availability of different facilities in different parts of the country as “there is much difference in Islamabad and Torghar, Dir or Chitral than the difference between Karach and USA, London” or any other developed country. He stressed that why planning for ICTs utilization the objective conditions of different parts of the country should be specifically kept in view. He also regretted that even the teachers have not been trained on ICTs and that is why on the one hand the Provincial government was training the primary schools teachers on teaching through the medium of English from class –I, it will also train the teachers on ICTs utilization. 

He also said that there is no option with Pakistan both for expansion, provision of access and improvement of education except the optimum utilization of ICTs and the Government of KP is very much conscious of this fact.

Addressing on the occasion, Federal Secretary CAD, Faridullah Khan said that there can be no 2nd opinion regarding the importance of ICTs for improvement of the facilities of education and health or strengthening governance in any field but at the same time we must not ignore the objective conditions of different parts of the country while formulating any policy in this regard.

Source: The Frontier Post.