Harassment of female students at Peshawar University

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Although, University of Peshawar is considered as one of the best institute in the country both in terms of providing quality education and a better environment to the students. However, from sometime the complaints of harassment of female students at the hands of their male colleagues was erupting on daily basis.

“Male students in the campus often stare at us and pass vulgar remarks on female students that hurt feelings and dignity of girls,” said Sana Ijaz a student of UoP while talking to The Frontier Post. Female students felt disgraced as the male students mostly in groups pass bad comments related to the physical appearance or other aspects related to female students, Sana added.

She said female students were fed up with the said behavior of their male colleagues but they could hardly complained the issue as they fear their families might stop them from even going to the varsity.

Sobia Shakeel student of University of Engineering & Technology while talking on the issue said girls while walking on the footpaths in the campus were often harassed by the male students who slow down their cars as they pass by them to pass irking remarks. 

Samina Afridi lecturer of Department of Philosophy, University of Peshawar who has done research on gender analysis of Pukhtun’s norms and values said that female do not enjoy social acceptance in our society. She said still our society is male dominating. 

She said fewer of females protest against the matter but a strange question was asked in our country when girls complain about harassment. When they protest against the matter they are asked, whose fault is that?

Station House Officer of Campus Police Station Saifullah Orakzai while commenting on the matter said police has received complaints and it had taken action and also started crackdown in the campus arresting dozens of male students for harassing girls under the section of 294 and section 283 that deal with bothering people through driving. 

Saifullah went further that number of naughty students drifting their vehicles on different squares while females passing by on sidewalks. He added many were also held for using tinted glasses; playing loud music, rush driving and over speeding.