Healthy activities for tribal youth

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The government is making various efforts to engage tribal youth in healthy and constructive activities. In this regard, several initiatives were undertaken. According to a press release issued by the FATA Secretariat, in order to engage the students of Govt. Boys High School Chaghmali in co-curricular activities, the Political Administration of South Waziristan Agency arranged an event in which a broad cross-section of students participated and demonstrated their talents through a debate competition, a tug of war contest and a singing and poetry recital. In another similar event, the Political Administration arranged an all-girls event at the School Chaghmali in Serwakai Tehsil. 

As part of this event, the local female students participated in a debate competition, a painting competition and other recreational and competitive exercises. Events of this nature help to provide both male and female students in tribal communities with opportunities to exhibit their hidden talents and recognize their potential in a diverse array of areasvities 

Source: The Frontier Post