Human Rights Day at UoP UN declaration against Islamic Shariah: Students

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Students at the UN International Human Rights Day function termed the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights as the secular understanding of human rights with its clauses, predominantly, contradictory to the Islamic Shariah. 

This was the basic reason why Saudi Arabia didn’t sign it in the first place. They said the world must compel powerful nations to stop playing with the sentiments of Muslim world by releasing controversial blasphemy. America must also respect the territorial boundaries of our country and stop the counterproductive drone strikes, they added. 

The Seminar was arranged by International Relations Students Association University of Peshawar at the auditorium hall of Sheikh Muhammad Taimur Academic Block. Dean Faculty of Numerical and Physical Sciences Prof. Dr. Muhammad Riaz was the chief guest of the day while Chairman International Relations Department Prof. Dr. Adnan Sarwar and other faculty members were also present. 

Abdullah Tariq, a student of IR department said that article eight to twenty eight of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have all the clauses that take care of the basic human rights of the citizens. To go with this there are around twelve thousand registered NGO`s working in the country and a variety of laws being introduced on regular basis from time to time. However the implementation part is seriously lacking and that is why Pakistan has become one of the most vulnerable states as regards to the Human Rights violations, he added. 

The government is not bothering to present the missing person for a fair trial which is a blatant violation of their rights in the country said Yusaf, MA final year student. 

Some of the students were of the view that there should be no racial and gender discrimination and the state must provide social and cultural rights to its citizens. 

We must respect and give rights to others as individuals before asking for our own, said Dean Faculty of Numerical and Physical Sciences Prof. Dr. Muhammad Riaz. He told the students that they are two percent of the one hundred and eighty million populations in the country, who have had to the chance of acquiring higher education, and urged them to make the most of this opportunity and work for promotion of human rights practices in the country. 

Chairman IR Department Prof. Dr. Adnan Sarwar said, world has not given due attention to following human rights laws, and the great powers are frequently violating the International Laws. He urged the students to observe Human rights practices rather than becoming violators of the law.