Injustice of Annual Buss Fee : Home Economics College Peshawar

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Message Body: From: All students of College of home Economics
To: higher educational authority


With due respect I, on the behalf of my college fellows want to bring an important issue infront of you.


Since 2011 every year our bus fee increased that was started from Rs 1200 and last year ends on Rs 2000 that we tolerated really humbly and never complained.

After incident of APS (Army public school) they merge all bus routes so we reached home late but still we sacrifice our relaxation for their satisfaction.

Present issue

Now this year in 2015, our bus in charge is demanding Rs.18, 000 annually from us that is too much. All of our fathers are not businessman and they get monthly limited wage in which they have to pay all of our expenses. We are also having other siblings as well those are at studying stage so our fathers can’t manage such injustice demands. Our parents are unable to manage fee collectively but we need to avail bus as most of us are living at city side that is away from university of Peshawar.

The main problem is that they are not getting guarantee that either they will run their transport system in every situation or not. As after APS incident they stopped their transport system and we avail Public transport and suffer too much. God forbidden if any incident like that happens once again then what will be about that amount which we already paid in advance???? They are saying clearly that its non-refundable even if anything happens after 1 month of payment

We sent application to our principal and she rejected by saying that leave busses, it doesn’t affect us but don’t send me applications .Sir isn’t it a cruelty that we are struggling to our best and our leader (principal) is regretting us in such a way. Everyone have their problems but she is not listening a single word.

Our parents meet principal but she is saying that its order from vice chancellor and I can’t do anything. She didn’t respond positively to our parent that’s not fair especially with bright and brilliant students.

The question is that isn’t she is representor of college. She should convey our problems further but she is not doing so. She should know that after 1 to 2 months we have to pay heavy admission fee that ranges from 30 to 40 thousand with 15 days deadline. And let me

tell you that Its COLLEGE OF HOME ECONOMICS so our parents are also responsible for paying for our practical’s so we can submit our internal assessments.

University of Peshawar is lacking funds so they are making education more difficult for girls and boys. They are getting financial benefits from our needs in form of extra charges of practical’s, admission fee and trips charges either we go on trip or not (these charges are non-refundable)

Let me tell you clearly sir that Our staff is also not punctual and regular in taking classes. They are doing their M.phil and PH.D and not focusing properly on our lectures they don’t take any headache that either lectures are properly delivered or not that is a clear discrimination in government of Imran Khan whose speeches are filled with good education and health.

Kindly tell them to take monthly bus fees that our parents can pay comfortably and ask college and university staff for their punctuality and regularity.

I will be thankful to you if you solve our problems as education and youth comes first.

Thanking you
Students of College Of Home economics